The ‘amazing’ thing I did

Writing about the same topic seven times. Write until I want to vomit antibiotics. That’s why my posts have been slow these few days. Moreover, I am all excited about September 16 (or 20th). I spend my day catching up on the progress of the frogs. (politicians changing parties) This post sounds incoherent. It is. […]

Kontera – TOS violation : Which ads are not allowed?

I got a mail this morning warning me that I have broken Kontera Terms of Service. We wrote to you about a week ago, regarding the importance of complying with our TOS Agreement by running only one in-text provider. Currently, it does not appear that you have resolved this matter. It is important to us […]

Is your blog a bonsai or a meadow of weeds?

I have a balance of both – i.e. the bonsai and the weed. Why bonsai? Because some of my blogs grow at such a slow pace, they are almost not growing at all. By growing, I mean the pagerank, traffic and RSS subscriber numbers. Yet, I call it a bonsai because though they grow very […]