While I was sleeping, there was a Google pagerank massacre….

*jeng jeng jeng* Google came earlier than I expected. The last Google pagerank update was on July 27th. Barely two months, Google pagerank update is here again. This time around, I lose some, I gain some. This blog pagerank drops a notch. And so did a few other blogs. The blogs without pagerank and which […]

What have I been doing while all of you are making money online?

While the rest of the world is making money online, I have been wandering around. September is probably the lowest income month this year. I didn’t write much paid posts because I dissed many of the demanding advertisers who paid pennies and expect million hits. So, I got back to my dear camera and took […]

Why must we track our traffic?

A few of you have asked and some emailed me to ask why I am so dependent on tracking my blog traffic. Sorry I never got around to reply the emails because I was rather busy with the candlelight vigils and the much awaited change of Government. Still waiting with bated breath and keeping my […]

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak blog – Laman Web TPM

Well…if you are in the MMO and knows SEO, you will probably learn some things from here. If this post gives you the WTF and WTH, then, sorry lah. Hard to explain in this post. Anyway…….OT, I just want to note down that after our PM has his own Warkah Untuk Pak Lah, our Deputy […]

New Sitemeter sucks – Is there a better choice?

I like Sitemeter because it provides me real time site traffic information like ‘Referral’ and ‘Who on’? From it, I know if my page has been picked up by some of the social bookmarking services, quoted by some popular blogs or I am having an avalanche of traffic due to other dirty tricks. But today, […]