Grow up, link exchange is so yesterday

Don’t embarrass yourself by going to all my Pagerank 4/10 blogs and ask for link exchange. I do not know you, dude. Why should I care if you exist? Link exchange request is so yesterday. Now, if you want crazy number of backlinks, you go get some grayhat seo tool and get shit loads of […]

Whee! USD strengthening

I went to cash out my Google Adsense income for July 2008. Normally, I use Western Union and cash through CIMB where I have an account. I am so, so happy that US dollar is gaining strength and I get a better rate this month. For every USD1, I get RM3.359. With this exchange, I […]

One reason why you should try Chitika Premium

I have blogged about Chitika Premium but I am going to promote this one more time. Note that I don’t get any referral fees from it but I am telling you because I like it. As you know, Google Adsense does not allow us to place the ad under our title, just before our post. […]

Knowing when to stop

Have you have conversations with people who just do not know when to stop talking? They will yelp, yelp, yelp on and on eventhough we show signs of disinterest. Then, there are the constant whiners who will whine about the bad weather, the bad knees, the bad foods and bad mother-in-law and etc. These people […]