Another milestone – 10K at NN

I will keep this discreet. But still, it is a big milestone to remember. I have touched 10K at NN! Yay! It is over a period of more than one year. Still it is a good way to monetize our site. Phweett!!! Bring out the tuak. Hahaha, I dare not put screenshot because I am […]

Is your blog on Malaysia’s 70 Most Popular blogs 2008?

Most bloggers will not admit that they do care about those lists of blogs with the most, best, highest, popular and etc kind of awards. A lot of people will grip……. chey, not accurate metrics, chey, what difference does it make to my income, chey, kids’ stuffs and etc etc. Yet, privately, they will check […]

A new wicked way to sell text links

I am going to make it very clear that I normally do not promote a new service unless I get a referral fee for it. None of those ‘Will blog for free’ kindness, sorry. So, for this, I won’t be telling you which company is doing it. But if you are a registered ReviewMe blogger, […]

Nuffnang Buffered Earnings – Is it working for you?

I notice that I have one section in my Nuffnang earnings labelled ‘Buffer Earnings’. I do not know what it is and never bother to find out until now. I wish to take a screenshot of it but unfortunately, I do not know how to mosaic out the advertisers’ names as I do not have […]