Sikit-sikit jadi bukit, pendapatan melalui blog

The above title means, a little bit, a little bit will end up as a hill. Sort of making a mountain out of mole hill. But this applies to saving bit by bit to become rich. That’s the advice from on his post about making money. He mentioned to his blog reader that I […]

Still the queen ruling money in Malaysia Google

I know I am boastful. If you are writing a make money blog, you need this streak to make people believe that you are not tokking kok only and are not full of bullshits. You need that occasional boast, screenshots, results and recognition. In fact, majority of people who teach you how to make money […]

It’s Google payday again

Money. Many people died over it. A lot of people got conned and scammed by the lure of it. People are always searching for ‘how to make money without money’ or ‘how to scam to make money’. We can make money without money. But we need a lot of hard work to make money. If […]

Utterly pissed with TM Net Streamyx slow speed

Bah, pergi mampus lah, Streamyx! For the whole of today, I can hardly get anything done because of the speed. I hate it when I am itching to touch something on my server and yet, dare not because uploading files midway and getting cut off could potentially cause my sites to die.

How do I convert my Euro in Paypal to USD?

**Ignore this post. I am mistaken, Paypal already converted it to USD. My maths is bad and I have too much money in there to notice the addition. LOL, only one statement is true – my maths is bad. Original post from here : I have one payment in my PayPal account which is in […]

So, how come I make all the money but you don’t?

LOL. The video has the answer for you. Rod Stewart is from my era. Enjoy. Or cringe. Wateva.. This is the only notebook I can afford now. SGD1.70 which I bought all the way from Singapore. And the only Apple I can afford. 30 sen red jelly apple. **It is a very wet and cold […]