The shrinking USD versus MYR

In November 2007, the exchange rate was RM3.30 for one USD. It is a huge difference. Previously, I get RM1,640, now I get only RM1,535. (base on May 5th exchange rate) That means I was losing RM105 each time I cashed out USD495.

All the more reasons to make more money, eh? Otherwise, we will keep slipping in our monthly income.

BTW, Google payment is ready for cashing out from any Western Union bank branch in Malaysia. Woohoo, pay day again!

Can we make money selling stock photographs?

I have signed up with a few websites selling photographs. I never care about uploading my photos because I doubt I can make any money from it. Moreover, it usually comes with a string of terms and I am too lazy to read it. I also am not sure if I need to photoshop my […]

Is it true I cannot change my Vista with XP?

I can only buy the original from Sony and it will costs me more than RM850. I might as well buy a new laptop, right? But of course, it is also a silly idea.

So, here I am, getting on everyone’s nerves when I log in because all their internet connection will be temporary dead until they redial again.

Sheesh….I HATE VISTA! And I HATE MICROSOFT’S WEBSITE. It is the most confusing site in the world and I am considered quite the techie mama.

Almost a month of blogging not-for-money

It is frightening how each month just flew by like that. I was in church today and saw that the June issue of Shalom (a prayer guide) is out. Ooopss…the May issue is still somewhere sitting in one of my handbags. I started the month of May with the intention of focussing on my faith […]

How to make money with Amazon Associates

After a long, long time, I finally get to work on my Amazon Associates accounts. I had joined Amazon Associates for more than three years and I have never been able to make any income from there. I applied these tricks and now, I am seeing some money rolling in. 1) Have a site that […]

Is SocialSpark helping you to make money?

So, is SocialSpark working for you? Or is PayPerPost doing better? (SocialSpark uses no-follow, PPP must do-follow). I am barely hanging on as the all time top ten earner on PayPerPost. I am expected to be kick off the top ten any minute soon as I do not write for PayPerPost that often too. Faster visit PayPerPost and take a look at my little avatar for one last time, will you? LOL.

Can your blog survives ‘sick time’?

In as much as I want to blog, I just cannot find the vigour to write anything. There are a few things to write but I am just too tired to do proper research, capture screenshots and make any decent posting due to some personal matters. So, I have been wondering….. How long can a […]