Freddie Kruger aka Google Pagerank at the door?

Just last night, while I was pasting on the privacy policy required for Google Adsense for all my sites, I notice the pageranks of a few blogs that I hardly touched. Some of those are not blogs but rather, static website that used to be hosted on Dreamweaver. Some pageranks were gone, probably due to […]

Fresh WordPress themes

I subscribe to Hyder’s Everybodygoto’s blog and just discovered that he has some really bold, fresh, clean and wide column WordPress Themes. I have immediately downloaded both themes and use them for my ‘secret’ blogs. :P He has two free WordPress Themes. One is FreshPress which has blue tone, most suitable for our kind of […]

Google Webmaster ‘Gadgets’

I will soon go cuckoo with all these datas because I am totally addicted to staring at them, figuring out how to improve, what to do next and how to expand to get maximum traffic, maximum ads income and maximum everything.