What gives credibility to a good make money blog?

I say it depends on the below few factors : 1) comments 2) subscriber count 3) content Comments If you want to know if a blog is good or not, try to spy around for their comments from past months and check the numbers for current months. I normally only subscribe to a blog when […]

Malaysia election blogs

Today is the nomination day for candidates for the 12th general election in Malaysia. Polling date or the date we vote is on 8th March 2008. This means, from today onwards, all the political parties will go full force in campaigning both physically and in cyberspace. Our local telecommunication providers like Digi, Celcom and Maxis […]

HUGE drop in Feedburner feed count

My personal blog from 345 to 196 My food blog from 360 to 246 This blog from 250 to gosh, I don’t know where is my Feedburner count. LOL. You notice the same thing on your blog?

Competition, competition, competition

I hate competitions. If I enter, I must win. Or I won’t enter. But what if whether one choose to enter or not, one is part of it? I have four blogs in the top 100 blogs list and I am not amuse at all. Nay…..two of my blogs which I am really not proud […]

Smorty Sucks

I have stopped writing for Smorty because I do not take online casino posts as my grandma Google will smack sites that feature too many casino reviews. Anyway, it is not like Smorty has a lot of opps. Then, a few days ago, I read from Cybercelt’s blog about Smorty unfair’s TOS. Please read what […]

Is it wise to buy a domain that has pagerank PR ?

Someone emailed me about this because she wants to make money writing paid posts. Her own blog has been Google smacked. As I was once the paid post queen, she asked me if I will consider doing that. Of course, everyone is aware that I have submitted reconsideration requests to Google and has gained my […]