Is Project Petaling Street mati-ed ah?

Once upon a time, there were rules. Now, there is none. Why is the freaking jewellery blog aggregator allowed to ping PPS? It is not even a blog but a blog aggregator. Aiz, where are you? It is so darn frustrating to visit PPS for Malaysian blogs pings now. Every two posts, there are jewellery […]

What in the world is Googlewashing?

I have just learn of this phrase googlewashing and a few minutes of surfing brings up some information. Back in 2003, reputable bloggers were already writing about this matter. I compare those posts and the current ones and found that the term now brings different meanings. The current posts on Googlewashing claims that it is […]


I heard that Google is doing another round of PR updating or rather, PR smackdown. I don’t see any changes in all my blogs so I cannot confirm how true this is. The only thing I hear is people losing their PR every day. Anyway, I am splitting some of my blogs to different categories […]