Is Project Petaling Street mati-ed ah?

Once upon a time, there were rules. Now, there is none. Why is the freaking jewellery blog aggregator allowed to ping PPS? It is not even a blog but a blog aggregator. Aiz, where are you? It is so darn frustrating to visit PPS for Malaysian blogs pings now. Every two posts, there are jewellery […]

What in the world is Googlewashing?

I have just learn of this phrase googlewashing and a few minutes of surfing brings up some information. Back in 2003, reputable bloggers were already writing about this matter. I compare those posts and the current ones and found that the term now brings different meanings. The current posts on Googlewashing claims that it is […]

Ouchie..John Chow lost pagerank again

The pagerank hasn’t been stable and last night, after hearing that Johnchow dot com has a PR 3 from his PR 4, I went to check and found that John Chow still hold on to his PR 4/10. But today, I saw that John Chow now really carries PR 3/10 on his blog. Of […]

What to do if your Adsense spikes

Avoid whining to your blog readers that you are not earning much from Adsense which is indirectly begging for clicks. If all your readers know how pathetic you are, they may out of compassion click on your ads as they leave your blog everyday. This will sets off a pattern which can clearly be seen by Adsense.


I heard that Google is doing another round of PR updating or rather, PR smackdown. I don’t see any changes in all my blogs so I cannot confirm how true this is. The only thing I hear is people losing their PR every day. Anyway, I am splitting some of my blogs to different categories […]

Ten words that should set the alarm bells that the deal is a scam

Fastest Drive lots of traffic Earn while you sleep Work in your pajamas Extra video No work needed Free Bonus Limited time only Works instantly And the most eye catching of all – Huge red fonts and yellow highlight. Thank me already. I have just saved you a lot of money, broken dreams and wasted […]