Blogrush really sucks

Put back the widget or get kicks off their network. Sayonara, Blogrush. I have seen enough old posts from the same few elitists’ blogs to tell me that people game the system. Posts from smallish blog like mine will never, ever get on the widget. I didn’t even get 5 visits per day from Blogrush […]

Actually…I can live with the scrapers

My contents get scraped all the time. Sometimes, an inane personal post with the word politics ended up in so many blogs scrapping political stuffs. Out of boredom, I decided to do the unusual. Normally, I just mark all as spam in my moderation queue and move on. You can’t win ’em so live with […]

Hallelujah! I got my Google PR back

I have a faith blog. It was PR 4/10. Then, I got greedy and stuffed some paid posts into it. And I got smacked to PR 0/10. After that, I decided that I have enough. I left the blog untouched for 5 weeks. Then, I stripped off all paid posts that I can afford to […]