USD sucks, MYR sucks, recession sucks

When I started earning Google Adsense, the exchange rate between US dolllar and Malaysian Ringgit was : USD1 = MYR 3.8 So, when I get USD100 Adsense cheque, I am earning RM380. I easily touch four digit, i.e. RM1,000 if I can make USD265. Now? I get only about RM3.19 for every USD. I still […]

Have you secured your domain name at free blogs?

This post is for the vainpots, dreamers and those who dare to dream their online presence will make it someday. I belong somewhere here so let me just make a quick post to remind the others if they have done anything to grab those URLs from the free blog providers? So far, I only bother […]

Rightttt…you are paying me USD6.3K just to do nothing

I got a few emails today. Email A We’ve seen your website at and we love it! We see that your traffic rank is 39056 and your link popularity is 16. Also, we see that you are online since . With that kind of traffic, we will pay you up to $4,800/month to advertise […]

Get paid to add no-follow links

One of the paid post companies have written to me twice. Initially, I just ignored the mail because I was too lazy to dig up my old posts to add the no-follow links like the advertisers requested. Moreover, the posts are old and I actually have the right to delete them. However, the second email […]

Bidvertiser breaks my feeds, FeedFlare and Related plugin

I just realized that my blog feeds have not been updating for several days and the only reason is the Bidvertiser plugin. I am very sure I have done every single thing according to the instructions from Bidvertiser. So, to solve the matter, I have ditch it. While I was at Feedburner site, I also […]

Using Celcom and Maxis broadband because Streamyx suxs

I couldn’t be bothered to call TMNet or find out why my Streamyx broadband keeps getting cut off. It is a complete waste of time. When I read that our Penang Chief Minister promises us island wide free broadband, I only wish to tell him to just keep it to himself. Right now, I am […]