The cursed 666

I read about this special position of number 6 from one of the SEO blog but I didn’t bookmark it and cannot recall which blog it is. To be frank, if you are interested to learn anything, learn it from the masters and not from silly crappers like my blog because it is like blind […]

Tend your blog like your garden

I have been busy these few days with endless number of things to do. And suddenly, this came to my mind. Many years back, I was crazy about gardening. It involves a lot of work. Planting = writing new posts Weeding = remove spams, useless ads, stuffs on sidebar and any posts that make not […]

Adsense has paid

I still haven’t cashed out the last Adsense payment and now, the new one is in. Well, looks like a trip to CIMB or Pos Malaysia which has the Western Union logo will bring lots of moolah for Chinese New Year! I am going to get them in cash, take a photo and blog it. […]