The positive ten things of having PR 0/10

10) Ten is the highest and no one gets to that level, not even Google 9) You have more friends down here 8) The air is fresher because all PR 0/10 bloggers don’t have that haughty air about them about not writing paid posts or selling text link 7) You are not afraid of anyone […]

What blogging has bought for me

Christmas is coming soon and it is good to reflect back what blogging has brought me. Or rather what blogging has bought for me. I am not going to talk about the friends and foes I made or knowledge I gain. I am just going to blog about the stuffs I bought. After all this blog is about making money and spending it.

Are we getting shortchanged by companies who are supposed to pay us? (eg. Advertlets)

iZone from Singapore which was ranting about not receiving his cheque after submitting support tickets. He got smacked on the face by Advertlets that his cheque was delayed because Advertlets is investigating on click frauds. WTF? If I am the blogger, I will get very mad because that comment from Advertlets support posted on a blog will make everyone thinks that he is indeed cheating.