October 31st

LOL, I do not know how I have the impression that yesterday was the last day of October. I kept seeing October 30th as the last day of the month. So, I spent the whole day rushing my paid posts while trying to juggle going to the beach and shopping. And I just realised there […]

Make money, web hosting, domain, make money blogging

I hope you earn enough from your Adsense to use as ‘coffin fees’. The older Chinese used to save their pennies to keep as ‘kun choy pun’ because back then, they were too poor and need to save every penny for their funeral expenses. I hope all the Adsense ads you place up will be enough for that. Google bless you! Amen.

WidgetBucks – I am getting my money by Christmas

I don’t read fine prints. Not until I finally see results. Whenever I join any make money program, I join only half heartedly because majority doesn’t earn you a cent. So, at the back of my mind, I know WidgetBucks offered something but what exactly, I didn’t pay attention. Well…now I am seeing 30 bucks […]

Should bloggers ask Google to review their PRs? NO.

One thing that I believe many of you do not realise is how easy a person can make a report against another blogger. It is just a few steps of submitting a form to Google, squeal and cause Google to check the site. Back in April, Matt Cutts had written a long post on how to report paid links

How much money will I make in October?

There is the PR demotion. Then, there is the five days holidays I took followed by several days of backlash. Because when I was away, I didn’t bid for any SR and hence, no bidding equals no chance of making money. After that my VPS went bonkers with five of my WordPress blogs screwed. I […]

My action plan to salvage PR

I think I owe it to my readers to tell them what I am doing behind the scenes to salvage my pagerank on my personal blog 5xmom.  I was a PR5/10 but dropped to PR 2/10. Let’s not go back to the same old discussion on whether PR is important or not.  It is important […]