WordPress 2.3 is OUT!

I upgraded on blog which runs on WP 2.1.1. to WP 2.3 RC1 last night. It is a crazy thing to do, very risky too. But hey, nothing screwed up. So, I am very confident of upgrading all my blogs to [tag]WP 2.3[/tag] now. For the next few hours, I think that’s what I am […]

Review on Make$ Money$ & John Chow the “King of Paid Posts”

Plus John Chow has been awarded the King of Paid Post by The 5xmom because that man practically reviewed every darn thing on earth, just to earn ReviewMe’s money. Hey, I had even rejected a Harley Davidson’s paid post because it doesn’t fit into this blog niche. Yet, John Chow can go as far as reviewing mattress! Fuyohhhh!!!!

Bid now, I top up dollar for dollar. Closing 24th Sep. NOON

Blogger Yvonne Foong will be auctioning two necklace she personally designed this week to raise funds for her medical treatments. Materials used consist of a Sodalite gemstone, crystal beads, a glass pendant, and Onxy beads, imported from Australia. (Click pictures for larger view) Consider her designs a blessing. Yvonne Foong is born blind in the […]