Selamat Hari Merdeka!

*Grab these nice WordPress logo from and proudly display it on your blog. Thanks, Enveluv* I am going off for a trip and will be back only on Monday. So, this is to wish all Malaysians, Selamat Hari Merdeka. My country is celebrating it’s 50th year of independence on August 31st 2007. As usual, […]

John Chow is getting lunatic

COMMENT IN MY BLOG USING JOHN CHOW’S NAME. Actually, he said, we can use a top blogger’s name and comment in our own blog.

So, folks, just for a taste of his own medicine, you have my blessings to comment as John Chow from now on. LOL. That guy is evil, I tell you.

Have you changed your Text Link Ads to tinyurl yet?

I didn’t get any email from TextLinkAds nor ReviewMe. I am not sure why but my email seems to have dropped off from their record and many times, they ended up in the spam bin. I heard that Text Link Ads wants all their publishers to change their links to tinyurl. So far, I only […]

What keeps you awake (for blogging)?

Many people may not know that bloggers like me who blog for fun and money have to have discipline. We have a set routine and bloggers who are moms have to juggle many things together. I probably cannot make as much money as I am earning now without the help of several things. It can […]

Milliondollarwiki is selling fast – Have you claim your page?

Once again, Make$ Money$ has proven its mettle on getting on the first page. The owner of Milliondollarwiki paid [tag]JohnChow[/tag] to do a review which probably costs USD400 but I am on the first page on Google instead. Muahahar…. That post which I did for free.

Most wanted most obnoxious mom

JohnCow is 12 years old! Come little cow…come to me. I am a pedo. Muahahar…
I am 69 years old LOL, female, married and not telling where I live. Because I cannot stand the heat of ‘segmentation’. Ouch, ouch, pain, pain.

Don’t fool people to earn referral fees!

I wish to point out this post by ‘just another make money’ blogger. He claimed that you can make USD100 immediately by just signing up with TextLinkAds. Anyone can make $100.00 per day easily. I made it!!! I successfully make $100.00 today using my blog. Cool right? It is quite simple and I’m going to […]