How to get #1 position on Google Malaysia?

But heh, I am up there, in first position out of 589 million results. BTW, if you guys catch my ad on PPS, can you take a screenshot for me? I place a targetted ad on PPS but haven’t seen it so far. Then, again, I don’t visit often because we are seeing the same old political news. Sienz.

What SponsoredReviews said about this blog


For the month of July 2007, I made USD350 from SponsoredReviews. It was a pleasure bidding and receiving sponsored reviews. I write for three major pay to posts companies, i.e. [tag]PayPerPost[/tag], [tag]SponsoredReviews[/tag] and [tag]ReviewMe[/tag]. With these three companies plus a couple of smaller companies, I am earning around USD2,000 per month.

What advertisers shouldn’t expect from their paid posts

Limiting their posts to only certain countries. Remember that on the internet, the power of a site is not limited by where the blogger lives. It is how smart the bloggers are in their SEO skills. Usually, the amount they pay, for e.g. USD7 is not attractive in the USA and sometimes, the type of bloggers who took up their campaigns may be just blog-for-money sites.

Blogathon starts in one hour

Folks, in case you are not aware, bloggers from around the world are going to start the Blogathon in one hour’s time. It will be 9 pm here in Malaysia. These bloggers are taking part : Here is the list of Malaysian bloggers joining Blogathon 2007: pelf for the Eden Handicap Service Center [Pledge] Edrei […]

Niamah, I don’t want to play Adwords anymore!

Now where is the freaking button where I can open a new campaign? I want to make large rectangle ad banner on either LiewCF or I don’t care if it cost me all that RM100 in one day. At least I know they benefits from it and not some random noob’s blog by some random surfer who clicked my ad. Blek. Not fair!

Blogging tips from the bloggers for the bloggers

I was already a Star Online member for years already so I joined the project because I already have an account. However, some people were apprehensive and asked if the info we provided can be used against bloggers next time. My response : Stop being so paranoid, ok? Anyway, I have nothing to be […]