Happy first birthday, PayPerPost

I had earned $9,791.31 from writing paid post at PayPerPost since I join in October 2006. That’s why I love, love, love PayPerPost most-est! Now, I earn an average of USD1.2 – USD1.5 K per month from PayPerPost. And hey, you don’t see that many paid posts on my site, do you? So, yes, you do get paid to post.

Widgets and templates giving problems to WP 2.2.1

A friend, Samm MSN me that my 5xmom site caused her 20 windows on Firefox browser to crash! OMG, that a big tragedy because we both write paid posts and know how annoying that can be as we need to login and all that. Then, a few others said they cannot even access my site […]

Upgrading to WordPress 2.2.1 with some glitches

I have done many upgrading and none messed up my wp-config file. So, to the experts, any idea why this happens? Because I am not going to touch more upgrading until I am sure the rest won’t give me WP errors. You see, I am not familiar with these wp-config data as my blogs are auto-installed by Fantastico One Click install or my webhost will do so for me.

How much is your domain and blog worth? In real $$ money

This is not one of those tools that play around with the million dollars worth of domain or your blog but a factual tool that takes into consideration: Top Level Domain Name Score: 10 Unwanted Characters Score: 9 Length Score: 7 Archive.org Score: 0 Google Search Results: 2,250 MSN Search Results: 385 Search Engine Score: […]

Is it textlinkads, textlinksad or textlinkad?

I never like to keep things in my bookmarks or browser. So, what I do is to type the keyword and search for the link I want. I wanted to check my TextLinkAds and found that there is no link on Google! textlinkad – This Make$ Money$ site is on #3 but no TLA official […]