KennyP’s Technology

Bwahahaha…I don’t read Mandarin nor knows how to write Mandarin except for my own name. But since KennyP is such a good supporter of my humble blog, I am going to do a little buzz for his KennyP’s Technology blog. I think being able to write Mandarin has a lot of advantage because of the […]

Top Commentator plugin – to use or not to use?

I have the Do-Follow plugin on this blog. I also installed a Top Commentator here as well. The Do-Follow plugin is to benefit those who posted comments because the link you gave here will follow you back to your blog. Whatever that is, just trust the gurus that it is good. They say use it, […]

John Chow is a blood sucker, but…

but his plans still get response. He is evil and he knows it. I read on John Chow‘s site that he is actually asking people to pay him USD10 per month to get the no-follow tag removed. That is just sooooo….blardy, typical Chinaman, blood sucker way of earning money. The Evil Plan For $10 per […]

Education about commodity future trading

The other night, I was having MSN chats with a few bloggers friend when our PayPal was stucked. They told me they do not have the problem because they already have other option as they are involved in commodity futures trading. It was when I learn about the fun they have in investing money in […]

Is PayPal glitch solved?

Well, according to Vedis, the problem is finally solved. I cannot be sure because now all my money goes straight into my PayPal without the need to receive them one by one. I got my VMI card and has tried withdrawing two small amounts. But guess what? My VMI card is blocked! I am not […]