Copyright Infringement and Remedies (dealing with splog)

Recently, I found a site that gathers recipes collected from all sort of sites and the owner took one of my post as well. It irks me that she took the post in its entirety, my photos and even some helpful kitchen tips. No doubt she did link back to me, I don’t want to […]

Better Comments Manager – Life saver!

I am not sure why I never discover this plugin Better Comments Manager by Keith Dsouza before. Last night, I installed it on my personal blog and this blog. Unfortunately, it won’t work with my personal blog theme but it works great here. How does it works? After you installed the plugin, you get an […]

Last chance to jump on the MYList bandwagon!

Have you join? Do you see an effect? Do you blog hop to broaden your horizon? Do you think it is useful? My thoughts on MYList I joined. Yes, the effect was tremendous! I found a few new blogs from there. Though I do wish people will not submit their splogs and those more than […]

Questions, questions, questions

Clare, a blogger I met before has just shifted to her own domain at Congrats, Clare! If you haven’t read her blog before, you should. She is also very vocal and I like her no-restrain style of blogging. She forwarded me some questions but I am not sure if I can answer all of […]

I told ya! My SEO skills very cun. # 11 out of 622 MILLIONS!

Folks, tell me my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me. Did I see correctly that the keyword ‘make money’ fetch 622,000,000 pages on Yahoo and this blog is on position #11? Let’s toast! Muahahar, the blind chicken found a worm. (A Chinese saying meaning that one gets something through sheer luck.)

Secrets to make money?

After my last post about How much money I make from Adsense, KennyP stills think there must be some things I am not revealing. Hehehe. You are right, Kenny. Thanks to Lilian for answering my question officially and telling us your useful advices. “Don’t hope to earn Adsense when you start writing paid posts. You […]