Net so slow can die

Between 11 pm till 2 am, I lost my internet connection. It is the most frustrating thing because I have written some stuffs and failed to submit them for payment. No amount of plugging and unplugging helps and finally I gave up. Unfortunately, I had been drinking huge amount of greentea and wasn’t able to […]

Bad English is not an excuse

I just happened to stumble upon a local blogger who boasted about his ability to earn money writing paid posts. Well, not only that, he said he dislike banner ads because they make his blog (a free platform, mind you) ugly. Then, he showed off his RM50 income to tell us how rich he is. […]

Cool! WordPress Generator

I picked up this info from Weblog Tools Collection about this WordPress Generator. I head over there and played around with the colours, margins, fonts and backgrounds. Nice! I can choose to have the pages menu on the side bar or the top. So, if you are a total noob and wish to mess around […]

What I hate about Windows Vista

My friend got himself a blue Vaio. He cussed me. He gave back the Vaio. And exchanged it for an Acer. I laughed. He wanted an IBM and I told him that is a grandpapa’s laptop. My infectious sales lingoes conned him into it. But he got terribly annoyed with both Vaio and Vista because […]

Andy Beard – Why I like him

we ought to spread our wings and step beyond our (Malaysia) shores and see what people are doing internationally. For example, I am highly defensive of the MY List and the reason is because this is in line with what others (abroad) are doing. So, when I get petty remarks