Visitor Sense

*paid post* There are many sites out there promising people to make money. Some of them are so convincing, many would jump in and grab the chance. Well, if the amount is not great, there is always the thrill of finding out for ourselves if something works. I admit that most times, I really do […]

How does nuffnang pay and how much?

Andrew of Gila Chess asked in the previous post : Any idea how they pay? Thru bankin, cheque, paypal ?? I found the answer on nuffnang’s FAQ: Q5: How do I get my money out into my a/c? 1. As soon as you have earned $100, you will be given an option on your earnings […]

nuffnang ads – Have you seen them around?

Like all money-eyed $$_$$ bloggers, I waited and anticipated nuffnang ads to hit my blogs. So, when it does, I took a screenshot of them. In case you do not sign up with nuffnang and are not sure how it looks, here’s a sample of the banner ad from my parenting site MyMomsBest. The photos […]

Niche topics – Why it is important

Someone asked me to suggest what are the best niche topics to write. Well, you can read all about them from the probloggers’ blogs but let’s not get too ambitious and just stick to what we know, ok? :P Well, for a start, I can tell you what niche topics to avoid. 1) Making money […]

My personal blog is hacked too

I slept very late last night because I had to back up my WordPress and upgraded three WP to 2.1.2. So, I woke up rather late at 10 am and guess what? I found my personal site hacked. Well, the hacker only changed my categories names to ‘Freeboy was here’. I am not going to […]

WordPress and phpBB forum got redirected (hacked)

My good friend and blog buddy blog was hacked and one of his post deleted. Well, I guess the hacker must have spared him because only one post was removed. Meanwhile, I was not worried because I had updated my blogs to WordPress 2.1.2. However, I forgot that I have two hostings and while one […]