Are you having too many blogs?

I read this post by Darren Rowse of on “How many blogs should you run?” and wish to ponder on my huge number of blogs. He said : If I were to start all over again today I’d do so by concentrating on building 1 blog at a time to a point where it […]

Some new things regarding category at PayPerPost

I have seen higher paying opp since the new roll out and I must say I am mighty pleased. Only downside is only my personal blog qualifies and I have to reluctantly post three paid posts per day, which I know my readers hate it. Oh well…can’t please everyone so I might as well please myself. Who can turn away from three-figure USD per opp, right?

Server down, moving server

Yesterday has been one of the most testing period for me because almost all of my sites are down. When you monetize your sites like me, it can be a major loss of income. However, I try hard not to let the money factor gets to me. My Adsense lay stagnant, I get mails that […]

AhPek’s Laughing Buddha brings money luck!

On 28th/29th March, 2007, AhPek‘s Fixit Blog was made Blog of the Day on PayPerPost. I just lurve the chubby laughing buddha icon he use. Laughing Buddha is a favourite statue that most Chinese (of non-Christians faith) place in their home for money luck. It is not worship but place as a symbol of happiness […]

Two of my favourite Adsense Blog templates

Recently, someone offered to make me a nicer template for my blog. I am still contemplating. You see, I once changed my blog templates and my Google Adsense plummeted like the stock market. The income dropped by almost 60 percent! So, I quickly switched back to my old faithfuls. Therefore, I would like to share […]

Just when I thought there is a drought in paid posts….

A lot of PayPerPost’s posties felt the pinch of not making much these past days. But as a veteran postie, I know that these are pretty common. At one point, the number of available opps dropped to a mere 18. Yet, a little bit of patience, the available opps peak again. Nowadays, a 50 available […]