My favourite 10 WordPress plugins

I like to test every plugins available like a new toy. Sometimes, I used them for a while and found no purpose of it and delete them. Sometimes, I love it so much, I will tell every one of my blogger friends to try it out. These are the plugiins I found useful if you […]

The kind of stuffs I receive from email

hello.. My name is benny, a student from UPM, Serdang. i have looked around and read your blog. very interesting and enjoying! some are serious, some are fun, some are cute, some are just simple but still really nice and attracted people to browse it. You people amuzed me by everything you have in your […]

Midnight meeting with PayPerPost’s Ted Murphy and PPP’s posties

It was midnight over here when I was alerted by Amy about the townhall meeting. It is actually a Q&A session with Ted Murphy, CEO of PayPerPost which we had online. I asked several questions and am very pleased that both Ted and Tamale (PPP’s staff) answered them. Now, I have a better understanding of […]

Successfully upgraded from WordPress 2.02 to 2.1.1 with no glitches

Whoops! I was upgrading My Healing Path, a blog where I picked up news on bereavement and death when I found that I had accidentally ping PPS. Sorry for the old post dated December 2006. Didn’t mean to do it. Anyway, I read that they have WordPress 2.1.1 and so, I decided to upgrade My […] – Connecting posties through reality TV

Needless to say, the thing I like most about is the drama. I like reality tv over on MTV as well. It is kinda wicked to be sitting at home, in our comfy couch and snigger and laugh or cry and get angry over the people on the show. So, when PayPerPost starts RockStartup, […]


Owen is a PayPerPost postie whom I know through PayPerPost’s forum. Owen has written a few WordPress plugins which I used like the Random Link Button, PayPerPost easy insertion of Disclosure Badge and Review My Post button. Recently, he started a new blog which I think is a great idea. He runs a ‘Ask Owen‘ […]

MyBlogLog – Fantastic cool tool for your blog

I signed up MyBlogLog for months, on 24th June 2006 before I realised the usefulness of it. Doh! If you haven’t heard of MyBlogLog, it is a free service where you can sign up, track your blog traffic and at the same time, build community. Blogging is all about building community, creating a wider social […]