Yesssss! PPP has taken action on the banning

I was a bit sore on the number of bans I received. When the segmentation started a few weeks ago, I have only seven bans. Well. considering that I had taken close to 500 paid posts, seven is a decent figure. However, one fine day, when I was very sure that I am doing things […]

Our very own Malaysian ads programme –

I have heard of the buzz earlier about the launching of our very own Malaysian ads programme. I have the opportunity to meet up with Timothy during the recent Penang Bloggers Meeting. The white shirt is Timothy and the black shirt is Bryan of, the webhost of most of my sites. Of course, the […]

“Teach me how to make money with PayPerPost”

Ms Lilian, i need to know more about PayPerPost, can you enlighten me a little about the usage? (Cedric) Okie-dokie, this are the simplified answers: 1) You have to be over 18 years old. 2) You need PayPal account. No problem in getting one as long as you have a debit or credit card because […]

Subscribe to comments : WordPress plugin

I have two or three blogs that do not receive many comments but on and off, receive some questions. Therefore, having a subscribe to comment is a good thing because the person who asked for certain recipes or cooking tips will more likely be informed that I have replied to their questions. This will make […]

Your avatar matters

Actually, I never give much thought to avatars until an advertiser from UK mentioned it on PPP’s forum. Well, what he suggested did not go too well with some people. However, I have been observing this little picture that represents us since the UK investor mentioned it. And guess what? I do see where he […]

Pssst….can you guess what PayPerPost is going to do?

If you are a blogger and you haven’t heard of PayPerPost, then, you should hang your head in shame, go to the corner and timeout for you. PayPerPost is this huge and successful “pay blogger to post” program and many bloggers are making a lot of money from it. Me for example.:P If you did […]