Wednesday : Featured blog

Long ago, I used to dedicate a day in each week to feature someone’s blog. It will help to expand readership and who knows, friends are made through the intro. I think I am going to declare Wednesday as a day to feature a blog. Let’s start with some Internet. Serious Business. JimiMorrison is from […]

Yay! I just bought another domain, again!

You know, once you got a hang of the web, you tend to get addicted to it. In a way, I am much ahead of the people around my age. Therefore, I have an edge over the geeks because I know what they want but I can twiddle around to bring what they want, online. […]

Check your streamyx broadband speed

Last night, I was utterly utterly mad with the horrendous and horrible speed of the net. (trying to mimic Simon Cowell’s way of speaking :P ). If you are a PayPerPost’s postie, you will understand how crucial it is to rush in, grab the best paying opportunity and take the opportunity. It is a matter […]

Have you submitted your site to DMOZ?

It is rather peculiar. I have like 15 domains and only one of my site was submitted to DMOZ. Back then, three years ago, I don’t give much thought to SEO stuffs and was too lazy to submit my sites. Only my food blog, Food Haven was listed on DMOZ directory. DMOZ was not open […]

WP 2.1 works for me with no bugs

I have some readers and users of WP who told me about the bugs in the newly released WordPress and had cautioned me against upgrading. I did a little lurking around the support forum and did not see any major problems brought forward by the members. Anyway, during the weekend, I had upgraded almost all […]

What’s your thought on others taking your full feeds/blog content?

Some may not mind because it drives more traffic. Some don’t because it reeks of stealing content. If you are running on WordPress, you can choose to summarize your blog feeds. Here’s a screenshot of the WordPress dashboard: Choose Option > Reading. Scroll down further… At the Syndication Feeds, select ‘summary’. I have a lot […]