Switching to the new Blogger dashboard

I have a particular fondness for Blogger and Blogspot because it is my first ever blogging experience. I signed up Blogger one night in October 2004 and like they said, the rest is history. So, I still keep my original blogspot for keepsake because I already had over 400 posts when I switched to my […]

Don’t risk getting banned by Google Adsense and kicked out of Google

This will serves as a warning to all bloggers who write for money: One of our Bloggers today lost 6 of their Blogs because they were kicked out of Google because they tripped a duplicate content filter. You need to be very careful and make sure that all the posts you write are unique. (taken […]

Easier to blog now that PPP seek disclosures

I am not sure about other posties of PayPerPost but recently, I found that it is so much easier to make paid posts after PayPerPost asked for disclosures. Some bloggers tried to do it with different font colours, some placed a button to indicate a paid posts and some put the sponsored disclosures at the […]

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Bloggers! More good news. Sign up with Text Link Ads now

This is yet another good news for bloggers who use Blogspot as their blogging platform. You can now join TextLinkAds! I am doing very well with TextLinkAds because I sold 11 links out of 10 slots on two of my blogs and an average of four links on other blogs. Easily, I earned over USD500 […]

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Do you ‘market’ your affiliate/referral links well enough?

One of the side income we can get is through affiliates/referrals. Firstly, I hope all bloggers do mark their links clearly using an (aff) if they are putting their referral link there. Initially, I didn’t know about this until much later when I read about it from a problogger’s site. That’s what most of the […]

Wow! PayPerPost acquires Performancing!

*This post was written BEFORE I found out it can be a sponsored post. So, yeah, this is now a sponsored post because I am paid to blog. about this good news.* This is hot news! I just learnt from PayPerPost’s blog that they are acquiring Performancing for their Performancing Metrics and Performancing Exchange. To […]

It is Christmas and you are still online?

Obviously, I am. And so are you. That’s why I find this article amusing because one is not suppose to be tied to the PC on a special day like Christmas. But why not? I had done all there is to be done for Christmas. I had gone to church, gone carolling, cooked up a […]