Bloggers must soon give real names

China may do just that.  What do you think?  An invasion of privacy or what?  Personally, if I am going to read and trust a blogger, I also want to see a real human, with real life doing real job in a real world.  But I myself, though have a known identity, will quickly jump […]

Most bloggers are women

KUALA LUMPUR: If you are a Malaysian and you have your own blog, the odds are that you’re a woman, aged 25 or under. Sixty-four per cent of local bloggers are female and 74% of them are in that age group. This is a finding of an international online survey involving more than 25,000 Microsoft […]

5xmom is really awesome!

Give me money in PayPal and I am bound to click them away. So, I stumbled upon this and decided to jump on the bandwagon to get my site listed on their awesome million site. It is just USD5 dude. A cheap way to give this site a bigger web presence. And I got […]

Creamaid is a good dessert

Don’t drool over the photo of the donut. I am going to tell you about how good Creamaid is. So listen up, will ya? :P It is one of the latest thing in town. You have to read and learn how good it is. Well, for a start, you can go to my personal blog […]

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Changes on PayPerPost and how much can I earn per day?

Recently, there were some changes at PayPerPost which involves: Postie can post only a maximum of 2 opps per day per blog. Postie can reserve an opp for 30 minutes. Well, I am sort of lucky because three of my blogs were registered with PayPerPost and I still can  get to grab a maximum of […]

Month end is most thrilling for Text Link Ads publishers

In the last week of a month, usually, the activities on my TextLinkAds increase. Most advertisers will buy up links in advance for the next month, I suppose. On the last two or three days of the month, many of my links will be sold like hot cakes. Then, like most TextLinkAd publishers, I will […]

Third ReviewMe review & Performancing slow pace

For several days, I had been getting fidgety because the two newer ads programme Performancing and ReviewMe were too quiet for my liking.  Though I was lucky to receive my first paid review from ReviewMe for a parenting site and the review on ReviewMe, things were not picking momentum. Well, Performancing never really took off […]