PayPerPost USD1K income earner is a motivation to me

When I read this post from [tag]PayPerPost[/tag], I squeaked a little and make a little imaginary clap.  You see, the internet is clogged with lots and lots of techie guys who write Greek stuffs.  Well, they are Greek to me because I do not know what is Web 2.0, Ubuntu, Ajax, Linus yadda yadda yadda.  […]

Factors that may help Text Link Ad approves our site

I have a domain which we (another bereaved parent and I) financed. We wanted to use it as our deceased children’s memorial but somehow, we ended up having new babies and were too tied down to pursue the matter. After some years , we sort of feel better and never really want to dwell much […]

PayPerPost (PPP) – how writing earns you money

I have several blogs on different niche topics like parenting, food and children’s related matters. Therefore, I have the space to test out all the various money making programmes. It is fun for me, a full-time mom to experiment what the net has to offers and then, share them with other stay-at-home moms. Many women […]

Performancing – Another income avenue

I got an email from Nick Wilson of Performancing Partners as a result of a newsletter I subscribed to. It is always good to subscribe to newsletters to get the latest buzz because we get to hear of hot news first. [tag]Performancing[/tag] has a nice tag line – ‘Helping Bloggers Succeed’ which sounds very suitable […]

Britain’s biggest blog

I caught this news on BBC and think it is cool to make it a ‘Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah’ (a day in history) via blogs.  After all, maybe in another 50 years time, our future generations may laugh at us for the mundane stuffs we do like sitting in front of this huge monster of […]