Have you upgrade your WordPress to WordPress 2.0.5 Ronan yet?

I have done it, at least for this blog.  It is a breeze.  Now, I have another 11 more blogs to go.  Duh. You can get the instructions from here.   Note that if you are upgrading from WP2.0 to WP 2.05, it has a different instructions.  (there are two instructions on the page provided, one […]

Some things I learn about trolls

From observations and through personal experiences, I learnt that trolls usually do these when they don’t get their ways.  Before I go on, let me explain to those who isn’t sure what trolls are.  They are some individuals who will go round and round, picking on you and your blog.  I see a pattern in […]

More on PayPerPost by Matt (of PhotoMatt)

Whoa!!!! More interesting stuffs regarding PayPerPost. Matt hinted: PayPerPost takes that idea and pushes it way over the line, turning bloggers into spammers in the process. This is not good. So, what I am going to do is to take down my [tag]Adsense[/tag] from the blog that I use [tag]PayPerPost[/tag]. ‘Cos you know why? I […]

Does Google penalize sites which blog for profits?

My current interest is reading stuffs like these.  Yesterday, I was so engrossed reading the debate over at Calacanis’s site.  I love anything that is controversial and wow, can he stirs the hornet’s nest!  I read every single one of the comments because I am one of the postie for  PayPerPost.  Part of the cancer.  […]

Make buttons for your gmail, yahoo mail, MSN etc

Pablopabla asked me where to get those personalised small buttons with our gmail, yahoo mail, MSN adresses etc.  It can be found here on Email Icon Generator.  You can even store the little icon at their site or download it to your own site. The above is linked from the site direct.   In case some […]

What is Web 2.0?

For a non-technical person like me, certain terms intimidate me like Web 2.0.  I have seen it appearing almost everywhere.  Tech geeks love to say, ‘it is ready for Web 2.0’.  That left me baffled.  I thought that it is some new kind of system.  Though I am not   technophobic, things like these make […]