Google Pagerank shake-up

Once again, [tag]Google[/tag] just did a little page rank shake-up. And I found that one of my blog with PR5/10 has dropped to PR4/10. *bawlsssss* That blog was left stagnant for almost a year and I only recently continue blogging from there. So, I suppose I can’t complain too much. However, another blog with only […]

Good PR, Bad PR with rejection letters

I like to apply to various ads/[tag]affiliates [/tag]programmes just for the heck of it and out of curiousity sake.  Two days ago, I made an application to ads companies. GOOD PR  The first one gave me a nice rejection letter: Dear Chan, Thank you for your application to the Casale Media network. Following a detailed […]

Wokie, I got a name!

After my initial dilemma of naming this blog due to the conflicting URL and my personal blog’s title, I got a name now. I was making this button last night and really do not know what to name this blog because ‘Blog with no name’ doesn’t  fit into  an 80×15 button, right? So, here it […]

What is Feedvertising from Text Link Ads?

I got a better picture of how [tag]feedvertising[/tag] works, finally. Pardon me but I am not a techie person. I don’t subscribe to any [tag]RSS[/tag] feeds. I blog hop to find out if any of my favourite blogs have updated. I do not even know how many people subscribe to my various blogs. Seriously. The […]

Text Link Ad’s new product – Feedvertising

Feedvertising [tag]Feedvertising[/tag] is TLA’s RSS technology that you can use for free for your own personal use or you can opt into our marketplace to[tag] monetize[/tag] your RSS feeds. We currently support only Wordpress [tag]blogs[/tag] with our [tag]RSS[/tag] technology, but will be adding more platforms soon. Follow the steps below to get started. What is […]

Food bloggers – Digest this!

I may sound patronising with this post but what the heck, let me tell you about it anyway.  I originally had a blogger blog for my personal rants.  Then, I started sharing my homecook food recipes and did a bit of a review of the food I ate. After that, I opened another blogspot blog […]

Linkbuilding Blog

There has been a lot of talks on [tag]Death of Adsense[/tag] and the subsequent [tag]Life After Adsense[/tag] reports. I had read them too but am not totally convinced nor worry about it because I am what is described as the ‘small fries’, picking up those little pennies on the roadside. For a start, I think […]