#1 WordPress supporter – That’s me!

I got the official WordPress sticker from Zeo the other day during one of the bloggers meet. I had proudly stick it to my pink Sony Vaio.


Recently, my son made me a reflective bigger WordPress sticker. He is a skateboarder and hence, have the skills to reproduce handmade stickers from computer prints. He normally painstakingly hand cut those designs on reflective stickers (which are expensive, FYI) and stick them to his skateboards, my cars and just about any place.


Seen here, the reflective W of WordPress. I have yet to find someone who knows what the W stands for. Hope I will finally meet one who says, “Hey, I am a WordPress fan too.”

Now, where do I get an official WordPress T-shirt? Who can sponsor me one?

On another note, I used to blog from [tag]Movable Type[/tag] back in early 2004. I read that they are now trying to make a comeback. I think they are way too late. Since I moved to [tag]Wordpress[/tag], I have so much control over things. With MT, all I know is to write and publish. With WordPress, I learn how to do practically everything. So, hurray to the WordPress folks!

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