I made the hard decision of taking THIS blog off SponsoredReviews where I can get USD120 per post, off ReviewMe where I can get USD100 and PayPerPost marketplace and PayPerPost Direct. I also cancelled all TextLinkAds. I submitted this blog for Argus Alpha run but had dropped out. I had also written to Ted through a ticket submission (which will take an eternity because I am still 212 in queue) that I am giving up on THIS blog. I know some advertisers may smack me with bans but who fark care lah.

I guess the smarter ones here probably had noticed that. But there are blur ones who keep bugging me with questions like, “Are you still writing paid posts? Are you still selling text links? Are you going to ask Google for reconsideration? Are you submitting to Google?”

Well, I won’t entertain any of such questions because I don’t have to. Either you are smart enough to observe what changes have taken place here or I am wasting my time explaning.

So, why do I do that? I don’t have to explain either.

Now, can you imagine 1 BILLION results? ONE BILLION, I repeat. On Yahoo.



I am on #8 and between JohnChow and I, there are only Wikipedia and Technorati. Try to beat that, probloggers in the world. God is indeed kind to me.

MSN_live_make_money_blogs copy

And on MSN Live, there are 35 million and this blog is on #1 position. I bet the sponsored link there must have paid thousands of dollars to get on the position. But I hit the spot just because God is kind to me.

So, yes, 11111111oneoneoneoneonesatusatusatusatu….once again.

OH GOOGLE, I WORSHIP YOU, I GIVE YOU PRAISE…. Hahaha, ok, hate me but I bended over for Google.

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